Micro blading for eyebrows

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This is a 2 day course everything is provided for you on the so you do not need to bring anything with you, all our courses are accredited by association of beauty therapist abt so you can use it to get a job or insurance etc. after the course you will also receive a full comprehensive training manual which you can refer back to after the course also we are available any time if you need advice on treatments advertising or anything related.


Included in this course is a two night stay at a 5 star hotel and you will also get a business starter kit




What is Micro Blading

Micro Blading first appeared in Japan, it is a treatment  carried out using a small handheld tool, which looks like a blade. A pigment is then placed in the upper layers of the skin to create a fine hair like stroke It is a very popular method in USA and asia and now is becoming very popular in the UK.

With this treatment you do not use oil carrier based pigments used in conventional tattoos you would use distilled water. No machine or needles are used it is done by hand with a ‘pen like’ tool with a slanted blade and the pigment penetrates only the upper layers of skin unlike most semi-permanent make up or a tattoo.

How is it different from eyebrow tattooing?This treatment is different for brow tattooing because it is carried out by hand therefore the colour pigment only penetrates the upper layers of skin, making it a much safer treatment and less permanent than tattooing. The colour pigments are changed to match the natural colour of the customers eyebrows  The beautician really needs to learn and have a good understanding and knowledge of the skin and how pigments will react within different skin tones and types and how this should then be applied during the consultation process, prior to the treatment, to recreate the natural colour, length, shape and curve of each individual hair stroke. This treatment is more natural looking than semi perm makeup.

This course is for anyone whos looking to extend their beauty knowledge or even someone looking to start their own business.

If the client is not happy with the results it can be removed with a specific solution, not laser, unless the pigment has been placed too deep. This treatment lasts for around 12 months or up to 24 months, depending on each individual client's skin.

Please be aware that to perform this treatment you will need a licensce for your local council. All councils have some different regulations so please do your own reserch before and after the course on how to and what you need to obtain a license from them.

Course duration: Two days
Who is it for: Beggineers
Accreted by: ABT

Course duration: Two days 

Who is it for: Beggineers

Accreted by: ABT 

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